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The website Lounge A is an european advertising company and do not represent any e-shop included in their platform. Its use is free, but before you have to read and accept our Terms of Use.
The pricing information and product specifications are captured periodically in virtual stores through specific programs developed for this purpose. This information may have been modified by the store, since time of capture until now. Accessing the online store you can confirm all information before making a purchase or a price comparison. In order of purchase effect, the information in the online store take precedence over the information contained in Lounge A.

About our services

- Lounge A offers hosting services ads to third-party products and is not responsible in any way for the marketing of the same or the content published by advertisers.
- Lounge A offers hosting service product announcements on its platform.
- It is reserved to the criteria of Lounge A free insertion or e-shops refusal aiming to preserve the quality of services offered. In the first case the e-shop are responsible for the copyright announced internally according to current legislation.


Lounge A website cares about the users privacy. To ensure this, we have established a series of security procedures and standards to prevent the disclosure of private information and maintain security within our domain. We are committed to maintain security and user privacy:

- Keep personal information confidential as private email, private address, private phone, username, password and messages and phone calls for services and technical support.
- Do not send messages to the user without the purpose of transmitting relevant information related to contracted services.
- To enable the user to cancel the contracted services.
- To preserve the identity of Internet users, not disclosing their activities within the loungea.com domain.
- Users are prohibited from posting pornographic or make apology to any kind of belief, religious or not. Failure to comply with this standard allows the immediate exclusion of services offered, the user may be reported to the competent bodies.
- Lounge A website uses cookies to store user information to log in loungea.com domain. We may also use cookies to store information related to navigation inside the platform with the purpose to optimize the service provided to users, including third party cookies.
- The user that report a product or image will have kept his secret. The reported product will be submitted to analysis and may be locked if we found any irregularity.

What Lounge A does not allow in your domain

- Dissemination of Illegal content or threats of any kind.
- Store files that cause damage or failure on the Server.
- Attempts to access the private data of other users.
- Send emails with inappropriate content.
- Violate the copyright of other users or Brands.
- Violate the copyright of the website Lounge A.
- Is Prohibited the use in bad faith any service offered by the website Lounge A. The support team reserves the right to block, without notice, any advertisement that seems to be in violation of their rights, not allowing any form of resource by the advertiser, and taking the risk of having the account deleted.